GGT on Rogers Daytime Television – spreading the word!

Good Guys Tri was invited onto Rogers Daytime TV with hosts Lois Lee and Derick Fage on October 30th, 2012; we had a great time spreading the word and some of our collective successes over the past year.  Please watch the full interview.

Good GuysTri with Rogers Daytime Television Hosts [Steven Thomas, Mike Herzog, Derick Fage, Lois Lee, and Michael Stashin]




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GGT Founder - I am like you - one guy trying to squeeze every ounce out of life and balancing all of life's pressures - my motto is "Living Life Intentionally" and this site helps me do that - together we can make the world a better place. Our goal is to "Do Good" in this crazy world and we are squarely focused on supporting impossible2Possible, charities, and organizations that parallel our quest to do good. It is amazing how much positive influence we can have in this world! Join us and live life intentionally!

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