About Us

About Us…

We are a collection of like minded people simply trying to “do good” in the World.

Our goal is to engage in great causes and leverage our love of endurance sport to inspire others to be active and engage in making the world a better place. We have proven that the smallest acts can translate into thousands of dollars raised for charity; we leverage all of our ”Like” on Facebook, “Follows” on Twitter, or web traffic to gain corporate support and donations.  In return, these donations or products and services are auctioned off or used to leverage even greater donations or awareness for causes we believe in.  Many of our success can be found on throughout our site; some are highlighted below:

About the Founder…

I am like you… another human being with responsibilities [a Dad, husband, employee, friend, son etc.] trying to squeeze every ounce out of life.  I believe leaders are ordinary people making extra-ordinary effort.  GoodGuysTri is where I focus my effort and I hope you will feel inspired, join us and contribute any way you can.

Why I do this: “Living Life Intentionally” is a motto that I developed many years ago; to me it signifies that life requires understanding, effort, and strategies to ensure success. Whether it be in marriage, parenthood, or triathlon goal, positive outcomes are managed. I truly believe that happiness is achieved together through giving back, appreciation of what we have, and simply trying to “do good”.  My passions are endurance sport and making the world a better place.

Thanks for reading,

Mike Herzog – Good Guys Tri Founder