How GGT Began…

Pre-Race Smiles (Photo by Tim McNaughton)

Mike Herzog & Steven Thomas before the swim start at Ironman Mont Tremblant 2012

As a long time endurance athlete and, more importantly, a volunteer for various charitable organizations, I was afforded the realization that the path to fulfillment in life was in “giving without expectation of return” at an early age.  Amazingly, through “giving”, I was afforded the opportunity to quietly witness events of human strength, true compassion, and the kindness the world offers.  It seemed to rebalance a world seemingly filled with horrific imagery and ugliness.

Fast forward to a 32km training run in 2011… I found myself increasingly frustrated that some of the charities I faithfully supported for decades were identified as some of the worst culprits of expenditures unrelated to their mission or cause i.e. high percentages going to salary, administration, and legal fees for protectionist reasons.

I felt sick to my stomach and said, “Someone needs to start an organization that ensures 100% funds go in support of a cause!”

Turns out, that someone is “Me” and my friend Steven Thomas – two average “Guys” trying to balance life responsibilities and keen on making the world a better place.  Steven and I started to build an organization that would simply “do good” without pretense, politics, or self-promotion – effectively ensuring 100% of funds raised went directly to “doing good”.


Named for our passion for Triathlon (Tri) and my childhood memory of my Mother constantly say, “Try to be Good Mike”, our name was more an epiphany: “GoodGuysTri” (Good Guys Try)

Since inception in 2011, we have worked tirelessly and with great passion to grow our volunteer base – we have achieved exponential growth through numerous and always successful campaigns (100% of funds raised = 100% donate!).  This includes supporting Ottawa homeless (directly and via Shepherds of Good Hope), the hungry (3150lbs of food to the Ottawa Food Bank), the Kids fighting Cancer via the Sear’s Great Canadian Relay (running the entire 100km distance and $15K+), supporting local and global Youth Organizations such as impossible2Possible, hosting running clinics in support of our campaigns and more.  Read all about our campaigns throughout our site.


GGT Steven running 100km to End Kids Cancer at the Sear’s Great Canadian Run 2012 with GGT Mike providing support


“There is no such thing as individual success”

We have built partnerships with like-minded individuals and great professional organizations, leveraged our growing social media and online presence, and engage regular people to do the extra-ordinary. Together, we are changing the face of our local and global neighbourhood and would appreciate your support and involvement.

We prove that the average person (guy/gal) has the ability to change the world if we try.

We hope that you will join us and help us achieve greater success in our philanthropic campaigns.  Want to help right now?  The easiest way is to follow us on our Social Media (Twitter / FaceBook) and subscribe to our monthly Newsletter (Note: We hate SPAM and would never send you any or distribute your email address to anyone else!)


Thank you for reading!



Mike Herzog, GoodGuysTri Founder

Article originally published on CBC HyperLocal News